About Freedom Tours


Freedom Tours means just that. Freedom.


Our goal is to provide you with the most interesting, comfortable and personalised tour available. We offer you the Freedom to change the itinerary, and the Freedom to stop, and then continue, when you are ready.

Under 'Freedom Tours' we have listed four leisurely group tours which we believe highlight some of the abundant beauty to be seen in the Otago region. All of these tours can be adjusted or changed as we travel depending on the likes and dislikes of your group.

If, however, your stay in our beautiful City is brief, and you only want a leisurely trip, encompassing all of the natural beauty Dunedin has to offer, then we have a choice of 3 spectacular trips already planned for you. You can find these under 'Day Tours'.

Whatever you choose, these tours are for your enjoyment and we look forward to the opportunity to help you plan a memorable experience. 

Please note - all tours can be adapted to suit your group's particular tastes, even if you wish to include additional side tours. Please feel free to contact us with your preference, or simply let us know during your tour!

To ensure maximum comfort for everyone, we offer some suggestions on what to bring with on your tour, and what we provide in the vehicle.